Atlassian Services

NARD Intelligence is an official Atlassian Expert. We provide specialized services on all Atlassian products ranging from buying licences and implementation to consulting, maintenance, support and training.

Purchase and renewal of Atlassian licenses

NARD Intelligence is an authorized Atlassian reseller. You can buy and renew your Atlassian licenses with us and enjoy the following benefits :

  • Choice of currency and payment method.
  • Personalized follow-up tailored to your needs to ensure the proper deployment of the product.
  • Combined offers that include periods of maintenance and support.
  • Additional discounts on our training and support services.


NARD Intelligence supports its customers in the adoption and use of Atlassian products. Our team developed the expertise and know-how that allow us to provide you with the necessary assistance in adapting the best Atlassian solutions with your goals, your technological and organizational choices.

Implementation and integration

To ensure a smooth transition in your adoption of Atlassian software solutions, NARD Intelligence supports you by taking in charge their implementation, integration and deployment. NARD Intelligence reviews your infrastructure to provide you with the best combination of Atlassian products suitable to your needs. We also ensure the development of plugins for a better integration with your processes and your tools. Our implementation and integration offers are combined with maintenance and support plans tailored to your needs.

Maintenance and Support

As part of our maitenance and support offers, we intervene when needed remotely or on site to help you fix and resolve incidents that occur on your deployed Atlassian product. NARD Intelligence takes also in charge the follow up on amelioration and fix requests submitted to product developers (Atlassian and Plugin developers).


NARD Intelligence provides inter and intra training services for all Atlassian products. In order to better meet your needs, our training sessions can be adapted to different types of profiles (normal users, advances users, administrators).