Atlassian Products

NARD Intelligence services cover the entire line of Atlassian products. We have developed a proven expertise on JIRA, the popular software for project tracking and management, with its add-ons JIRA Agile for agile development management and JIRA Service Desk for Service Desk management ; on Confluence, the well-known team collaboration software ; and on Dev Tools, the Atlassian development tools suite covering and optimizing all the stages of the software development chain.

JIRA is the market-leading solution for project tracking and management. It is a tasks administration platform that facilitates their organisation, planning, assignment and tracking throughout the whole project life cycle. JIRA is equipped with an intuitive, fast and easy to use interface that helps you capture and organize your work, with configurable workflows that match your processes and customizable dashboards according to your needs.

JIRA in a nutshell demo video

JIRA helps you keep full control of your production processes and real-time visibility of the status of your projects. Focus on the tasks in progress without losing sight of the big picture. Our main goal is to help you increase your productivity, identify and eliminate your bottlenecks. JIRA can be used to plan, manage, execute and monitor all types of projects and processes: software development, service and support desk management, operations and maintenance management, customer relations management, etc.

Whether you are a certified Scrum Master or a beginner on agile concepts, the add-on JIRA Agile allows you to transform and adapt JIRA to manage your agile development project.

JIRA Agile supports SCRUM to help you create and estimate your user stories, build and manage your product backlog, plan sprints and track your team's work throughout your entire project development cycle. JIRA Agile supports Kanban to help you optimize your processes by visualizing your workflow and limiting the work in progress.

JIRA Agile (formerly GreenHopper) - Truly Agile Project Management

JIRA Agile helps you keep full control of your agile project management through customizable dashboards and reports (Burn-up, Burn-down, Value charts, etc.) to visualize the project status and make decisions accordingly, and at the right time.

JIRA Service Desk JIRA is an add-on that helps you transform JIRA into the best portal for service desk management. JIRA Service Desk is provided with a clear and intuitive interface that allows your customers to enter their queries in a friendly manner with forms easy to fill and simple options easy to understand and to set up.

JIRA Service Desk

With JIRA Service Desk, you can define service level agreements (SLA) with your customers to determine, according to their needs, the response time, the resolution time, etc. JIRA Service Desk organizes your tasks in real-time into configurable queues making it easy for your team to see the highest priority issues and monitor their progress while meeting SLAs. It is possible to follow in real-time the progress of your teams through charts and reports easy to add and to configure on your JIRA dashboard.

Confluence is the best collaboration software solution that enables your team to share information in a quick, easy and friendly way. Confluence provides you with a common space to discuss about your projects, publish your documents, enter your meeting minutes, update your product specifications and share your advancement reports, etc.

Confluence Team Collaboration Software Overview Video

Confluence is an easy to use intuitive wiki solution that can be integrated with most common tools (SharePoint, JIRA, Office, etc..) and that allows you to collect, manage and share your document databases in a very simple and customizable way. Confluence is equipped with powerful features including a very fast search engine and a real-time notification system.

Atlassian Dev Tools are a suite of software solutions that help you improve and optimize your software development processes at many different levels.

Stash is a powerful Git repository manager for agile teams and companies. It provides advanced features with very high performance.

Git and Mercurial Hosting for your development teams with BitBucket. Host your code online and manage with confidence as many repositories as you need.

Automate your build, test and deployment of your software with Bamboo. Integrate with JIRA to manage easily and efficiently your continuous delivery process.

Manage and explore your source code repositories with FishEye. View your changelists, revisions, branches and diffs, etc. Supports Subversion, Git, Mercurial, CVS, and Perforce.

Crucible is the best tool for Peer Code Review. Review your code, discuss changes, and identify errors to enhance the quality of your software and products.

JIRA Capture is an add-on that provides QA teams with an intuitive and easy way to produce bug reports from the web application under development directly inside JIRA.