A well established presence in Tunis (Tunisia) is, for NARD Intelligence, a major differentiation factor that allows it to position itself as a partner of choice in nearshore outsourcing. We provide outsourcing services adapted to the needs of our clients and support them by undertaking totally or partially their software development activities.

Our culture of agility and our mastery of the best practices and methodologies in the field of software engineering enables us to develop the necessary flexibility that allows us to quickly adjust our development processes and integrate smoothly into your software production chain. Everything is done so we can intervene at the right time to bring you the necessary support and help you deliver your products on time or reduce your time to market while ensuring a perfect balance between optimal product quality and efficient cost control.

NARD Intelligence's outsourcing offer is aimed at large software development companies, IT consulting and services firms, as well as at SMEs and young innovative start-ups. We build with our customers sustainable relationships based on trust that makes us their ideal partner to whom they turn whenever a help is needed.

NARD Intelligence's outsourcing offer covers all phases of the software development chain with an emphasis on quality assurance