Quality Assurance

NARD Intelligence provides software quality assurance outsourcing services to help its clients deliver products of the highest quality. Our expertise across multiple platforms and our well established processes allow us to engage in total confidence with you in achieving your objectives within the deadlines.

NARD Intelligence can intervene at any moment of your development cycle to quickly integrate into your processes and take in charge all testing and quality assurance related activities. Our main goal is to help you deliver your products on time and accelerate your time-to-market while ensuring a good balance between high product quality and effective design-to-cost performance.

NARD Intelligence's quality assurance offer includes:

  • Functionality Tests : we work with our clients to ensure functional, performance, bug detection and fix validation testing. Our expertise covers several platforms: PC, MAC, Playstation, XBOX, Wii, DS, PSP, iPhone, iPad, Android,... 
  • Compatibility Tests : we test for our clients the coverage of all platforms and configurations targeted by their product.
  • Compliance Tests : we support our clients throughout the development cycle of their video game to ensure the compliance with pre-certification standards established by console manufacturers. The objective is to always succeed in the first submission and avoid additional costs and delays.