Software Development

NARD Intelligence specializes in nearshore software outsourcing. Depending on their needs, we assist our clients in their development activities by providing a punctual support when necessary; or by taking in charge a part of the software production chain throughout the whole development cycle. Our technical expertise and our knowledge of the best practices and methodologies in software engineering help us cover all the stages of the software development chain: design, analysis, implementation, testing and quality assurance.

Faithful to our culture of agility, we develop your products following an incremental and iterative approach with short feedback loops allowing us at one side, to adapt and quickly integrate into your processes and on the other side, to adjust to your changing objectives and deadlines in this continuously changing technological environment.

NARD Intelligence's team members are genuine software craftsmen (Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship). We will not make any compromise with the quality of your products. Several principles are adopted within our processes to help us maintain our objective of impeccable quality of software :

  • Adopt agility everywhere : agile thinking, agile design, agile development and agile testing.
  • Adopt, adapt and inspire from common agile practices and stay abreast of new trends in the field: ScrumXPKanBanLean Software Development & Lean Startup,… 
  • Adopt practices that help improve the quality of the code: Test Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming & Peer Code Review,…
  • Adopt automated software production chains that ensure Continuous Delivery and non-regression.